Divorce Mediation In the State of New York

Our law firm provides Divorce Mediation services for clients who after a consultation with our law firm decide to pursue a cost effective and negotiated resolution to their divorce. We provide you with this information to assist you in selecting our law firm as your attorney to assist you in deciding whether divorce mediation is proper alternative for you to choose to resolve your divorce. If you have any questions related to the information provided herein, or would like to schedule a consultation with Susan Caplin, Esq. then please call us at (914) 244-3300.

About Divorce Mediation

In the mediation process, a neutral professional helps parties in a conflict come to an acceptable resolution. The mediator does not make any decisions for the people involved, but simply hosts, facilitates and assists their discussions, to enable them to reach their own agreements. Rather than communicate with or through attorneys, mediation allows a channel for direct negotiations between the people involved.
A divorce mediator helps family members in a conflict get unstuck, helping them define the problems and keep the discussions focused on the central issues, and assisting them to explore new perspectives on the problems and the potential solutions. The mediator helps those in conflict gather the information they need to reach a resolution, as well as find possible answers. They may also share what others who faced similar issues have done, or how a court would likely handle the issue. Mediation has proven valuable in family disputes that involve divorce, legal separation, parenting plans, partner break-ups, and couple disputes.
If you are interested in utilizing Divorce Mediation to resolve your divorce issues then please contact us. We will discuss your options and assist you in arriving at a decision to proceed with Divorce Mediation. For a consultation please contact our law firm at (914) 244 3300.